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  • Whitening Soap

    Hyperpigmented skin can be decreased by using a soap that contains whitening herbal extracts as the active material resulting in a lower amount of melanin in the skin. It's recommended to use this ...


  • Mud Soap

    This unique soap is made of 100% pure olive oil and Dead Sea mud. It is enhanced with a touch of nigella oil. Pure olive oil possesses excellent emollient properties and helps prevent any irritation ...


  • Aloe Vera Moisturizer Cream

    Unique formula created with maximum concentration percentage of Aloe Vera for optimal miniaturization. This cream goes on in a rich consistency that just exudes ...


  • Eye Cream

    This eye cream holds a special herbal formula that is gentle around to the skin around the eyes. The skin around the eyes has more sensitivity to stress, external harmful factors and fatigability. ...


  • Scrub (Peeling) Cream

    The skin has a normal protective PH value of 5.5. Dead Sea Scrub Cream is a natural facial scrub that helps maintain your protective PH value while gently cleaning deep pores and creases of face ...


  • Dead Sea Body Mud

    Body Mud Mask is mixed with our luxurious body cream. It contains a high concentration of natural trace elements important to replenish your older skin and helps smooth out wrinkles. It is considered ...


  • Shower Gel

    Natural formula that cleans gently without removing essential skin's natural oils. This product is not only does a superior job of cleansing the skin, it also creates a refreshing shower ...


  • Abdomen’s Cracks Cream

    Contains highly efficient herbal extracts proved to clear abdominal wall cracks. These cracks usually result from excessive weight gain or loss, or may occur pregnancy. These extracts adsorb extra ...


  • Slimming Soap

    Algae extracts contain iodine and trace elements which assist the natural fat elimination process of the skin. Horsetail and Almeria extracts eliminate water. The soap enables double destocking of ...


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