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  • Dead Sea Body Mud

    Body Mud Mask is mixed with our luxurious body cream. It contains a high concentration of natural trace elements important to replenish your older skin and helps smooth out wrinkles. It is considered ...


  • Whitening Cream

    Hyperpigmented skin can be decreased by using a product containing herbal extracts as it's skin whitening material. As you apply this cream less & less melanin is produced. Dermatorogists ...


  • Bath Salt

    This is a special type of dead sea salt mixed with scrubbing herbal exfoliants that's used to scrub the skin for cosmetic effect or for cure. Directions:  Soak your hands, feet, and body with ...


  • Abdomen’s Cracks Cream

    Contains highly efficient herbal extracts proved to clear abdominal wall cracks. These cracks usually result from excessive weight gain or loss, or may occur pregnancy. These extracts adsorb extra ...


  • Body Lotion

    This smooth and silky texture helps provide almost immediate and lasting comfort to your body. It does not cake, crease or turn color. It helps to even out your complexion and conceals tiny ...


  • Aftershave Cream

    Natural formula prepared from the Dead Sea that nourishes the skin and relieves the hypersensitivity of shaving. It helps tighten, soothes,sterilizes and relieves the skin's irritability after ...


  • Face Mud Mask

    Dead Sea Mud contains an active concentration of natural trace elements important to replenish your older skin cells. It helps clear your skin of fine wrinkles thus helping it look healthier and ...


  • Nutrient Night Cream

    Dead Sea Nutrient Night Cream is rich in natural elements that are important to replenishing the skin. It penetrates well into the skin with dual function, both calming and refreshing agent. This ...


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