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  • Anti-Wrinkle Cream

    Anti-Wrinkle Cream helps to restore new life into aging skin. For skin beginning to show signs of aging. A highly concentrated cream with a soft, light texture. Its unique formula was created to help ...


  • Eye Cream

    This eye cream holds a special herbal formula that is gentle around to the skin around the eyes. The skin around the eyes has more sensitivity to stress, external harmful factors and fatigability. ...


  • Anti Cracks Cream

    This cream is rich with oils to help revive and heal the skin. It is multifaceted and is has been said to perform wonders on crack feet and breast care (mothers who are nursing). It is specifically ...


  • Scrub (Peeling) Cream

    The skin has a normal protective PH value of 5.5. Dead Sea Scrub Cream is a natural facial scrub that helps maintain your protective PH value while gently cleaning deep pores and creases of face ...


  • Face Mud Mask

    Dead Sea Mud contains an active concentration of natural trace elements important to replenish your older skin cells. It helps clear your skin of fine wrinkles thus helping it look healthier and ...


  • Slimming Cream

    Algae extracts contain iodine & trace elements which assist in the natural fat elimination process of the skin. Horsetail and Almeria extracts eliminate water. These extracts enable double ...


  • Bath Salt

    This is a special type of dead sea salt mixed with scrubbing herbal exfoliants that's used to scrub the skin for cosmetic effect or for cure. Directions:  Soak your hands, feet, and body with ...


  • Day Cream

    A nutrient rich, protective cream loaded with natural elements important for replenishing your skin. This cream restores your natural beauty and optimizes skin's youthfulness. It helps protects the ...


  • Salt Shampoo

    Herbal cleaning formula, fortified with natural fragrance, dead sea minerals and vitamins A&E. Used to smooth hair and preserves natural glow. Suitable for all types of hair or skin. Apply a ...


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