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  • Mud Shampoo

    Unique herbal formula fortified with natural fragrances, Dead Sea Mud and natural cleansing extracts. It helps to strengthen hair follicles and helps reduce loose, brittle hair. It helps fight ...


  • Face Mud Mask

    Dead Sea Mud contains an active concentration of natural trace elements important to replenish your older skin cells. It helps clear your skin of fine wrinkles thus helping it look healthier and ...


  • Mud Soap

    This unique soap is made of 100% pure olive oil and Dead Sea mud. It is enhanced with a touch of nigella oil. Pure olive oil possesses excellent emollient properties and helps prevent any irritation ...


  • Sun Block (SPF 100)

    The formula has high SPF 100 to screen out the sun's burning UVB rays. It also has Parsoll 1789 to protect against the sun's skin-aging UVA rays.One well known benefit of Dead Sea minerals are their ...


  • Salt Shampoo

    Herbal cleaning formula, fortified with natural fragrance, dead sea minerals and vitamins A&E. Used to smooth hair and preserves natural glow. Suitable for all types of hair or skin. Apply a ...


  • Bath Salt

    This is a special type of dead sea salt mixed with scrubbing herbal exfoliants that's used to scrub the skin for cosmetic effect or for cure. Directions:  Soak your hands, feet, and body with ...


  • Slimming Soap

    Algae extracts contain iodine and trace elements which assist the natural fat elimination process of the skin. Horsetail and Almeria extracts eliminate water. The soap enables double destocking of ...


  • Nutrient Night Cream

    Dead Sea Nutrient Night Cream is rich in natural elements that are important to replenishing the skin. It penetrates well into the skin with dual function, both calming and refreshing agent. This ...


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